Preparations for traveling to Iran

_Take tourist visa for Iran is not difficult ,many country don’t need either conceivable make visa in airport as well but I recommending do your visa in embassy!

_Start to learn simple Persian conversation (somewhere like small village maybe not many people understand English)

_make a list from places which you like to see

_Remember that While in Iran you can’t use your credit cards, ATM cards, Debit cards , Travel checks… etc .You need to have cash.Is better change your money to Rial & check price before buying something.don’t carry too much money with you.

_Persian are friendly so whenever you need help just ask , they will do their best

_Big cities are safe at night & honestly nightlife is one of best experience for European because you never can see this style in Europe.

_You can taste the best fruit in Iran so don’t miss it.Pomegranate is one of favorite for tourist ,Pomegranate natural juice!

_Public transportation is not easy for tourists because usually is too much crowded & mostly boards are not English but you can find Taxi everywhere.Taxi in Iran is yellow or green but you can see another color which working as a taxi.(some Taxi has woman driver which means only women can take it)



When travel to Iran?!

It depend on to you which season you like more. Iran has all of 4 seasons! but summer is really hot (specially for European)!

What is amazing in this country ,north ,south ,east and west have totally different weather in same season! if you want enjoy hot sun you can go south of Iran and lie in Persian gulf beac.we have nice islands and Kish is one of best one for tourists.

If you prefer cool ,north of Iran (Caspian sea) is better for you.Fooman , Masule , Kelardasht , Lahijan and Shanderman are some of nice place in north.

Northwest is more cold because is near to Europe ,Tabriz is nice city for visiting in this area don’t lose it!

If you comeing from Europe and don’t use to so hot weather Oct-Nov and Mar-Apr is best time for you .Notice 2 last weeks in march is Norouz (Persian new year) and every where is full of tourits.

Welcome to Iran (be Iran khosh amadid)

To all friends who like visit Iran

you can be my guest ,it’s my pleasure be your leader to show my nice country!

just tell me which city you like to see and where are you from , I will tell you how get visa and will wait in airport for you!

check this video and see Iran is different than most of world think 😉