Preparations for traveling to Iran

_Take tourist visa for Iran is not difficult ,many country don’t need either conceivable make visa in airport as well but I recommending do your visa in embassy!

_Start to learn simple Persian conversation (somewhere like small village maybe not many people understand English)

_make a list from places which you like to see

_Remember that While in Iran you can’t use your credit cards, ATM cards, Debit cards , Travel checks… etc .You need to have cash.Is better change your money to Rial & check price before buying something.don’t carry too much money with you.

_Persian are friendly so whenever you need help just ask , they will do their best

_Big cities are safe at night & honestly nightlife is one of best experience for European because you never can see this style in Europe.

_You can taste the best fruit in Iran so don’t miss it.Pomegranate is one of favorite for tourist ,Pomegranate natural juice!

_Public transportation is not easy for tourists because usually is too much crowded & mostly boards are not English but you can find Taxi everywhere.Taxi in Iran is yellow or green but you can see another color which working as a taxi.(some Taxi has woman driver which means only women can take it)